Instagram Introduces Shopping via DMs

Latest: Instagram has announced the launch of its new feature for the people in the U.S. that will allow the shoppers to pay for products directly in the messages.

According to Meta – Every week, around 1 billion messages are sent to businesses, chatting with brands, browsing products, or asking for customer support.

Which is why, they have stated that – “We want to help people start conversations with businesses they care about and help them find and buy products they love in an easy, seamless experience, right from the chat thread. That’s why today we’re introducing a new way to make a purchase on Instagram — right where you chat.”

(Image Source: Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram)

However, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that this feature is available only in the US for now. His recent post says – “You can now buy products from small businesses and track your order in chat on Instagram in the US. Pay with Meta Pay and checkout in a few taps.”

It is a super simple process where you just have to ping the qualified brand about the product you wish to purchase, talk about customizations, and then place your order right there in the chat!

Moreover, you will also be able to :
1. Track your order
2. Ask any follow-up questions that you may have
3. Make payments to complete the purchase

Everything in the SAME CHAT WINDOW!

Although, it is yet hard to determine how many businesses will be allowed to use this feature, it will definitely be expanded for more users in the future.

Our favorite activity – online shopping, made simpler. What do you think?