Google introduces new updates for managing ads and assets

Google has rolled out new updates to make ad management a lot simpler and more efficient.

The new features will not only help advertisers evaluate their ad assets, but also help them identify new approaches to make their ads more engaging. 

Here’s what you’ll get: 

So now, your site links, callouts, image extensions, etc., what you earlier called ‘Ad Extensions’ will be termed as “Assets”. This really makes sense as it matches Google’s new strategy with your add-on components in a larger sense.

Moreover, you will now be able to manage your ads and assets in the same step as creating your Search Ad Campaigns. Eliminating the extra steps, it will now provide advertisers with more clarity.

Plus, advertisers will also be able to manage their ads in alignment with their campaigns.

“As you create assets and apply them to your campaign, the preview tool will automatically update, so you can see them in the context of your ad. In addition, Google Ads will now recommend assets based on your chosen campaign goal. For example, if you’ve selected “Leads” as your campaign objective, we’ll automatically recommend that you add a lead form asset.”

In other words, Google will now help you add assets more effectively, rather than leaving it upon you to figure out which steps are the most optimal.

In order to provide you additional detail when choosing which pieces to include, Google included another option called ‘Ads and Assets’, where it will display statistics for each asset in your account.

“You’ll see headlines and descriptions in the “Asset” table view, while the “Association” table view will show assets like images and prices. As you review associations, you’ll be able to see how your creative assets perform at the account, campaign, and ad group levels. ” 

Next, to help you examine your ad strategies in a better light, Google will also provide a “Combinations Report”.

“When you review the combinations report, you’ll be able to see assets like sitelinks, callouts, and images alongside your headlines and descriptions. With this view, it will be easier to review and make informed decisions about your creative as a whole.” 

So basically,

The improved combinations report will launch “in the next several months,” according to Google, while unified reporting under the “Assets” tab will roll out over the next few weeks.

Together, the new reporting features offer a lot more control over your Google campaigns and the components that are associated with them, which may help you find new chances and solutions to improve your results.