Google publishes a list of 2022’s Most Purchased Products

For Marketers, Advertisers and Brands! Here’s something to consider while forming your ad strategy.

So, recently, Google came up with a complete list of the top 100 gift suggestions, based on popular searches from 2022. 

According to Google:

“The Holiday 100 is a list of gift ideas based on search trends that defined our year. From hydroponic gardens to paperclip necklaces, we’ve brought together top trending searches from 2022, so you’re certain to find things your loved ones will enjoy.”

A variety of product insights and trend suggestions are included in Google’s Top 100, along with observations on particular oddities in Search behavior throughout the previous year.

Six categories make up the Top 100 listing, allowing you to browse the top-trending products in each industry.

1. Apparel and Accessories

2. Home and Garden

3. Health and Fitness

4. Beauty

5. Toys and Crafts

6. Gaming and Electronics

Links to immediately begin shopping are included with each particular product listed, along with a summary of Google’s trend data.

In order to examine the most common, rising product searches from 2022, you can also search by trends or categories.

It’s a fascinating look at what’s catching on, which could help guide your future product development and/or marketing initiatives.

If you see that a particular product is popular in your market, you could want to feature it in your advertisements, or you might get ideas for new concepts from it.

Google’s shopping features and filters, will also allow you to narrow each product by price, brand, retailer, and more. Additionally, you can even find products nearby to you by using the “nearby” filter.

In Conclusion

In any case, it’s an interesting recap of the year that was in search, as well as a fascinating glimpse at what people are trying to purchase now.

It provides clear insights into what the customers are most interested in buying and for advertisers to highlight those particular products the most if they fall in their niche.

And to varying degrees, you can see that in the trends, which is equally important to note for your research.

You can read more about it over here.