Google introduces new search tools for Shopping

Google is introducing some new Search features to help brands get about, advertise and make the most of this holiday shopping season, as well as to help consumers maximize and enjoy their Christmas shopping.

“We’re introducing new ways to shop in AR on Google, including a photo library to find your foundation shade and a way to see sneakers in your space.”

First off, Google is introducing some new augmented reality (AR) shopping aspects in time, including a new foundation makeup simulator since this is the most popular makeup category.

With this new innovation, Google will expand its virtual testing capabilities even further.

This might make it simpler to discover the best foundation shade for your complexion without having to test it out in-store. Google already offers AR Try On options for lipstick and eye shadow.

In order to give you a better understanding of each shoe, Google is also introducing a new augmented reality (AR) sneaker purchasing experience.

Brands have a huge chance to maximize engagement and interest with these cutting-edge presentation alternatives because Google claims that consumers interact with 3D imaging 50% more than they do with static photos.

With two new Search components, Google is also attempting to assist users in finding their holiday favorite foods. These elements will enable users to find the exact item they are craving.

Google is introducing a new tool to its Google Lens camera search function that will let consumers discover local food stores.

It will soon let you take a picture of a food item and tell you where to find it, allowing you to pick up extra for yourself after Christmas dinner.

Additionally, Google has included a new search feature that enables users to look for specific menu items at nearby eateries.

You can now get the precise foods you choose to make your holiday experience more enjoyable.

Here, Live View has been expanded, allowing users to explore their surroundings via augmented reality (AR) overlays. Live View is now accessible on Android and iOS in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo thanks to Google.

In essence, Live View is an in-camera version of what AR glasses will offer, as you can see in these samples, with a digital overlay of directions, points, and other notes over your view.

That might make it much simpler to get around, especially in new cities.

Along with highlighting wheelchair-accessible locations and electric vehicle charging stations, Google is also introducing new search components.

In Conclusion

These are some helpful updates; they are not revolutionary, but each offers a glimpse of how new technologies can directly benefit and improve your marketing campaigns.

And that is where things are going, with marketers increasingly relying on 3D modeling, whether for AR or for experiences in the metaverse, to better showcase and promote their products, despite the fact that access to Google’s new AR possibilities is still somewhat limited at this point.

Worth thinking about and investigating over the forthcoming holiday season.