Instagram shares new guide on How Brands can collaborate with the right creators

Collaborating with creators has helped many brands take a flying leap to success.

But most brands fail at choosing the perfect creator.

So, to help brands enhance their value, Instagram has publsihed a comprehensive guide on how brands can collaborate with creators.

This guide outlines what specific brands can do to pick the right creators to partner with, along with some tricks and tips amplify their efforts.

It opens with some benefits of collaborating with creators, which are numerous.

Followed by a reel explaining 6 tips on working with creators.

These include:

1. Find the right match

2. Chat through the details for final deliverables

3. Know deliverable placements

4. Share Feedback

5. Have a contract that works for both parties

6. Use insights Next, it describes ways on how brands can make the most of ‘Creator Collaboration’.

Here, Brands will find new strategies and tricks that they can implement. So basically, this explains what to DO and what to AVOID.

Additionally, it also provides a clear 5-step formula for establishing stronger creator partnerships.

This indeed includes all the necessary steps that all brands must take into account if they want to have the right creators on board and generate massive revenue.

Finally, it talks about the integration of features and tools that work best for branded content on Instagram.


All in all, it is a must read/watch guide if you are planning to make lucrative profits his Holiday Season.

It is intersting to note that at the end of each page in the guide, you get a link that directs you to a reel from successful creators, explaining what has been their succes mantra over the years.

Check out the complete guide here.