Will BeReal really be able to replace Instagram? 

BeReal now has more than 10 million daily active users, the company wrote in an update to its online jobs board.

Tried BeReal yet?

The app in-trend BeReal has now reportedly reached 10 million daily active users. The craze doesn’t seem to die out any soon.

I am sure we all have heard of it, but for those who haven’t, BeReal is the new would-be social media competitor that sends prompts to users every day. All the users are simultaneously notified to capture and share a photo in a 2-minute time window.

Sounds exciting, no?

And now, with all the backlash that Instagram has been receiving about trying to be more like TikTok, the company is somewhat stealing ideas from BeReal.

As shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram has been testing out the latest ‘Candid Challenges’ feature that is almost the same as what made BeReal so popular.

We know how life on Instagram is so painted, so unreal, and highly edited, and how creators show us only what they want us to see. Well, people have always bought authenticity.

People give a lot of thought before posting what they post on social media platforms, and here is where BeReal comes in.

It’s mostly about staying raw, as described by BeReal:

“No filters. No followers. Just friends, sharing with each other. On BeReal, you discover your friends’ real lives and get closer to them.”

It asks you to embrace yourself, and put yourself out there, without any edits.

The overly edited pictures all over social media trigger unrealistic goals and expectations from oneself and life in general. This negatively impacts the mental health of so many users, as they tend to develop a poor opinion of themselves at times.

BeReal takes away all of that, and that is probably why it is gaining so much popularity. It calls for an instant, immediate, at-the-moment pictures that give you a more real demonstration of one’s life.

This might help to build communities as people will get to see stuff that is more relatable and find people with similar interests.

As far as brands are concerned, let’s be real, they have to monetize, and that will be made possible through ads. As of now, BeReal officially does not allow advertisements. They might have future plans to incorporate ads, but for now, that is not what they do.



Owing to the growing popularity of the app, brands should be creative about leveraging it at its best. Some brands are already into it. They are sharing real-life instant pictures, behind-the-scenes and product sneak peeks.

The only limitation that stands is that the idea, the appeal of BeReal can easily be replicated, which Instagram has already started working on. However, it is still hard to say if it does not hold the capacity to dethrone Instagram.

Till then, BeReal is definitely worth the shot and can be super fun. Must Try!