6 Email Tricks to Convert your Cart Abandoners into

Frequent Customers

How many times have you stuffed your shopping cart only to abandon it?

The average cart abandonment rate across all industries is 69.57%.

Cart Abandonment – a common gig in the e-commerce world.

As a marketer, it is your job to effectively retarget those would-be sales! The classic is through email marketing. But the catch is, to make the campaign effective. How? Let’s discover!

Golden Rules to do Savage Abandoned Cart Emails: 

Do you know that a good abandoned cart email marketing strategy can help you recover those 79% of visitors who filled their carts, but never bought stuff?

1. Devise a cart abandonment email sequence framework: Here is where customer psychology comes into play.

There might be XYZ reasons for cart abandonment, but you can always lure those customers to complete the purchase and save your sale with a bang on email sequence.

Email 1A gentle reminder email – Deploy a short and sweet way to let those cart abandoners know that they left something behind. Don’t miss adding those direct backlinks to the product, so that they can instantly make that purchase.

Email 2Use Scarcity – Still no purchase? Be direct. Ignite FOMO – because it’s real for shopaholics. Time to push your prospects by inflicting scarcity. Try limited offers and risk reversals as well to seal the deal! Tell them to grab it NOW, or it might be gone FOREVER.

Email 3Offer Incentives – Integrating bonuses can make your sales shoot 73% higher!
Send the final email with an aim to entice those cart ditches with them attractive bonuses, coupons, vouchers, and additional incentives.

Hers is how Kate Spade uses a mash-up of offers, benefits, urgency, and a simple yet catchy heading.

Offer them some down-sell or a cheaper alternative! Customers are hungry for free returns + Free Shipping. Try to target that!

Here is an excellent example of Nordstorm using Free shipping and free returns to lure prospects. The message shines bold and clear. Most of the people who hesitate to buy are all assured that shipping and returns won’t be a concern.

HOT TIP: Divide your email subscribers. Marketers who used segmented campaigns report as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

Be more strategic! This will turn your email sequence into a sales recovery sequence.

2. Schedule your emails: Next is to understand what to send when. The timing is crucial!

You have to, have to, have to, deliver those emails at the right time, not too late.

Shoot them with those marketing emails when the product is fresh and crisp in their minds.


  • Your first message goes, straight, after 1 hour of abandonment.
  • The second email will go, exactly 24 hours after the cart abandonment.
  • Send the third email, 72 hours after the prospect ditches the cart.

3. Use killer-Catchy Subject Lines: Your email’s subject line is the first thing that will grab your customer’s attention.

Style it snappy to make it worth their retention!

They account for approx. 29% of the total automated email revenue generated.

Make it a point to keep it to the point. You have to stand out in the clutter of their inbox.

A power tactic is to create subject lines that reflect what you sell and is in tune with your brand. But, at the same time, you must keep it in mind to add phrases like –


  • “Items waiting for you”
  • “Flat __ % OFF”,
  • “Cart Discount”,
  • “A gift for you”,
  • “You forgot Something”,
  • “Still Shopping?”, etc.

4. Add the Abandoned Product in the email: We don’t want our customers to forget our products before buying them. Expose the desired product to trigger, in them, a motivation to make the purchase.

The power trick is to offer personalized emails, not just by adding the customer’s name, but by adding high-quality snaps of the item that they were about to buy.

That abandoned item is the hero of your email copy. Make sure to use a large and clear picture.

Pair these abandoned items with a list of similar products and cost-effective alternatives that they might like.

“Only curls” knows exactly how to create subtle ads that will convert. The product image, the options to buy, the rating, is all on point.

5. Clear, Concise, Actionable CTA: The goal of an abandoned cart email is to provoke customers to buy the product. Instead of beating about the push, let your customers know exactly what you want them to do.

Use phrases like snag, grab, seize, score, gain, now, etc.

Evoke emotions by adding some exciting offers, or maybe, try adding an exclamation mark (!) at the end of your CTA.

For higher click-through rates, use pop colors to highlight the CTA buttons.

You may elicit responses by defining urgency. Use CTA’s like Call Now, Shop today, sale ends tomorrow.

The ultimate idea is to make them buy, so add the CTA’s just below or close to the product image.

Don’t forget to perform A/B testing to boost the long-term profitability and conversions of your marketing campaign.

The CTAs that Monsoon uses is the perfect example of a CTA that would compel you to hit that purchase button! If not, then it has more product options given below to entice the customers to add more stuff to their carts. It is complemented with a “continue shopping” button, which is a plus to get more notes coming in.

6. Provide Excellent Customer Service: There is always a possibility that the customer was unable to complete a purchase because of some technical issue. Perhaps the shopper has a query or needs some assistance.

In any case, make sure that you add all sorts of contact information – the email address, phone number, live chat option, and other means of contact, somewhere below the products.

To exhibit your concerns, do ask for feedback and reviews from your customers.

To take care of customer queries and an exceptional shopping experience, Huckberry mentions its email address and even a phone number for the customers to get in touch whenever they feel lost during the shopping journey!

What’s Trending?

These days, pop-ups and SMS marketing is also gaining tremendous popularity. Marketers are leaving, literally, no communication channel untouched to get in touch with their customers.

61% of marketers still haven’t integrated SMS marketing into their marketing strategy. But, you can be an early bird to enjoy the advantage over your competitors! Try experimenting!

Summing it up:

Abandoned Cart emails are powerful emails that can help you win back those lost customers. It is upon you, to make them super effective. These emails can result in a 64% increase in your revenue if done correctly. As a marketer, what you must do, is to test what works best with your audience. By implementing the above-given strategies, you can level up your marketing game, can reduce shopping cart abandonment, and can save the revenue lost due to it!

If you find it hard, you can always hire email marketing experts to help you.

Keep Experimenting!

May your customers always hit that “BUY NOW” button!